A note from the Commissioners desk in regards to Danville

Syracuse, NY-Twelve years ago I received a call from Barry Soskin about joining our League for Danville. At the time our League was based in New York State. Barry had a vision that our League would be perfect for Danville because as dozens of other places around the country hockey teams were unsuccessful in Danville. The City had great owners and were in the great USHL. Thus it wasn't because of the Leagues it was just for whatever reason teams could not make ends meet to survive.

In reality, Barry Soskin had many years where he would have to use his own funds to make ends meet in Danville. This is not uncommon in all hockey leagues

After the decision last night I want to thank Barry for bringing hockey back to Danville. For dozens of other cities all over the country, this has not been the case. Since our league started over 30 markets have gone dark..Many leagues have gone away.

We are proud we are one of the select leagues in the last century to last over 10 years. The new league is also a select league part of that accomplishment. As an old hockey coach,  I want hockey to thrive everywhere.

I hope the people of Danville support the new team and new owners. I also hope people in the Danville area appreciate what Barry Soskin has accomplished to bring hockey back to the City.

Don Kirnan Commissioner FPHL