Commissioner Approves New Rule Changes

Binghamton, NY - The Federal Prospects Hockey League (FPHL) announced this past week that the FPHL Executive Board has discussed the implementation of some rule changes.  The intent of these rule changes are to hold more accountability to the teams and their coaches for the direct actions of their players attempting to injure their opponents for any reason at any time of the game.  The Board of Governor's were sent a draft of the changes and the after discussion the Commissioner has Approved them.    

The league is committed to the safety of its Players & On Ice Officials and it is our hope that these changes will provide the necessary motivation for teams to educate and deter some of the dangerous actions that our game has seen in recent weeks.

New rules for 2023-2024 FPHL playing season, effective January 4, 2024

Multiple Game Suspensions (appealable)*
Any team that has a player receive a suspension of two (2) games or more will have their eighteen-man game night roster reduced by one (1) player per occurrence until such time the suspension(s) expire. In addition to the roster reduction, the impacted team’s head coach will be suspended one (1) game for every two (2) games said player receives. There is no limit to the amount of roster reductions (or coach suspensions) any offending team incur should multiple game suspensions overlap. Trading, waiving, or expiring 4-game PTO’s will not impact the aforementioned team and/or coach penalties. The requirement to provide a qualified and approved coach behind the bench remains in the case of a suspended coach.

Leaving the Bench During an Altercation*
An automatic 6-game suspension shall be assessed to the first player that leaves the players’ bench or the penalty bench during an altercation or for the purpose of starting or joining an altercation (first player from each team only should multiple players be involved).  If there should be multiple players involved, the second identified player to leave the bench or penalty bench and start or join an altercation shall receive an automatic three (3) game suspension. These penalties are in addition to any other penalties that may be assessed during the incident.

Suspended Coaches**
Suspended coaches may have contact with their team until 10 minutes prior to game time. After this, suspended coaches may not have any contact with their team, verbal, electronic or otherwise, during play. Suspended coaches may then address their teams in the locker room between periods until five minutes before the start of the next period. Violation of these conditions will result in an additional fine and suspension for the coach and he will not be permitted in the building after one hour prior to game time.

Suspended Players**
Suspended players may not participate in the pre-game warmup and may not be on the bench during the game per the FPHL Rulebook. Suspended players may not be released or placed on injured reserve until his suspension has been completed. If a player who has games remaining on a league-imposed suspension is traded to another team, any remaining games of his suspension will be immediately served with the player’s new team. Suspended players will not be permitted at or near ice surface at any time prior to or during the game.    

Rehabilitation IR Slot**
Team’s may place an injured rostered player on Rehabilitation IR. Rehabilitation IR carries a minimum of fifteen days and a maximum of thirty days, whereupon impacted player must be immediately placed back on the roster, removed from the roster via waive or trade, or returned to an IR slot if still unable to play where they return the IR calendar resets to day one. The Rehabilitation IR slot is subject to approval by the league office (provide documentation), is salary cap-applicable and limited to one per team at any given time.

These items will fall under the jurisdiction of the FPHL Director of Player Safety.
** These items will fall under the jurisdiction of the FPHL Director of Hockey Operations.

The FPHL is a Single-A Minor Professional hockey league operating in its 14th season during 2023-24.  You can also visit the FPHL at Federal Prospects Hockey League on Facebook.