Syracuse, NY - The Federal Prospects Hockey League has announced the hiring of Dave Jackson as the Director of Player Safety for the upcoming 2022-23 FPHL Season.

Dave is no stranger to the world of professional hockey.  Born in Montreal, Canada in 1964, David signed a contract to work as a Referee in the National Hockey League (NHL) in 1989 after working the 1988 Memorial Cup.  Since then he has had a 28 year career working 1633 NHL games, the 2002 & 2018 NHL All Star Games, and the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  Following his on ice career as a referee, Dave then served the NHL & AHL as a Supervisor of Officials for 2018-2020.  

Currently Dave is an ESPN Rules Analyst and the Director of Officiating for the 3ice summer league  (3vs.3 pro-league).

As the Director of Player Safety, Dave will handle the review and assessment of discipline for players & team personnel for the league.

The FPHL is a Single A Minor Professional hockey league and will be entering its 13th season in the fall of 2022.