FPHL Announces New Tentative Start Date; Board of Governors Overseeing Situation

Syracuse, NY – The Federal Prospects Hockey League and its Board of Governors have come to an agreement on how best to proceed regarding starting the 2020-21 season.

To keep a more realistic start date in mind, the league is now pushing back the start date of the season to no earlier than January 15, 2021. This date still carries the tentative tag with it and can be pushed back farther as situations change in the States where the FPHL operates.

The league anticipates its member teams being able to play 40+ games with this tentative start date in mind.

“The Board of Governors have been meeting every two weeks to get the lay of the land and see how viable any particular start date is” Commissioner Don Kirnan said. “They will continue to meet every two weeks and a schedule will be produced and released when we feel a start date can be set in place with no ‘tentative’ tag.”

The latest Board of Governors meeting this week concluded that a December 18th start date was untenable for the league and its members and have moved the start date back in response to that development. The next meeting is set for the week of November 30th, with the goal in mind of ratifying a schedule during it for the January 15th start date.

The FPHL is still optimistic to be on the ice this season and contest a meaningful 2021 season and award the Commissioner’s Cup next Spring.