October 22,021

Syracuse, NY - The Federal Prospects Hockey League has announced the following rule changes to the upcoming 2021-22 FPHL Season. 

Under Rule 9 - Uniforms 

9.6 Helmets- All players of both teams must wear a helmet & visor of design, materials and construction approved by the league at all times while participating in the game, either on the playing surface or the player’s or penalty benches in the manner of which it was designed for. 

 Any player who during the course of the game, after a warning, fails to wear his visor in the proper position shall be assessed a misconduct penalty.  A player on the ice whose helmet comes off during play must immediately (a) exit the playing surface or (b) put the helmet back on with the chin strap properly fastened. If, after losing his helmet, he goes to his players’ bench to be substituted for, he may not return to the ice during play without a helmet (nor may he exit the penalty bench during the play without a helmet). Should he continue to participant without a helmet, the play shall be stopped once his team has gained possession of the puck, and a face-off shall be conducted in the defending zone of the offending team. In addition, his team shall not be allowed to change lines until the play resumes following a face-off.
When a goaltender has lost his helmet and/or facemask and his team has possession of the puck, the play shall be stopped immediately to allow the goalkeeper the opportunity to regain his helmet and/or face mask. When the opposing team has possession of the puck, play shall be stopped if there is no immediate and impending scoring opportunity. This stoppage must be made by the Referee.  In addition, his team shall not be allowed to change lines until the play resumes following a face-off. A player who intentionally removed an opponent’s, his or his teammates helmet during play shall be assessed a minor penalty for roughing. (See Rule 51)



Under Rule 39 – Abuse of Officials

39.8 Playoffs – During post season play, Minor penalties for Abuse of Officials will automatically revert to Misconduct penalties. 



Under Rule 46 - Fighting


46.6  Helmets - No player may remove his helmet prior to engaging in a fight unless it is mutually agreed upon between the two combatants in which case players must square up before engaging in fist a cuffs after removing their helmets. If a player should remove his helmet and the other combatant does not, the player removing his helmet shall be assessed a two minute minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Helmets that come off in the course of and resulting from the altercation will not result in a penalty to either player.


46.7 Fighting – After the Original – A game misconduct penalty shall be imposed on any player who is assessed a major penalty for fighting clearly after the original altercation.



Under Rule 70 – Unsportsmanlike Conduct

70.10 Post-Game - Post game celebrations will not be allowed to take place until BOTH the opposing team and the officiating staff have completely left the ice surface.  At that point the ice surface will be released to the control of the home team.  Players that were previously ejected from the game may return to the ice to take part in the post-game activities.  Any players that enter the ice surface (that were previously ejected) before the ice is released to the home team will receive an automatic 2nd game misconduct (Under Abuse of Officials) and be automatically suspended for the next game.
Any players that interact in an abusive manner in any way off the ice will still be assessed a game misconduct for abuse of officials.



Rule 76.5 Procedure- Other Players – if a player other than the player taking the face-off moves into the face-off circle or commits a face-off violation prior to the dropping of the puck, then the offending team’s player taking the face-off shall be ejected from the face-off circle. Additionally, the player who caused the face-off violation shall not be permitted to take his place to take the face off. This shall be considered a face-off violation. 



Under Rule 82 - Line Changes

82.4 Line Changes after Stoppage of Play – Upon the whistle stopping the play, both player benches shall be temporarily frozen and no players will be allowed to enter the ice surface from the bench until such time as the referee at center ice signals to the benches that they can begin their line changes.  If player(s) enter the ice surface after a stoppage before the referee signals line changes to begin, one warning shall first be issued player leaving the bench.  Any further instances will result in an assessed a minor penalty for delay of game.


Any attempt by the either team to make a change before the Referee’s signal shall not be permitted and the Referee will send the players who have attempted to change back to their players’ bench. The Referee will then issue a warning to the offending team (through the Coach) indicating that any subsequent violations during the rest of the game (including overtime), shall result in a bench minor penalty for delaying the game. This penalty shall be announced as a “Bench Minor Penalty for Delay of Game – Improper Line Change.” 


82.4Line changes after Media Time-Out(s) - No team in any situation during a media time-out shall allow ANY players to come on to the ice or exit off the ice surface during the media time-out.  All players that were on the ice surface at the calling of a media time-out must stay on the ice surface.  Following the conclusion of the media time-out, the center ice referee will signal the line change procedure to begin at which point players may then exit and/or enter the ice surface.  If the media time out occurs following an icing, the offending team may not change players.  Any violation shall result in a bench minor penalty for delaying the game. This penalty shall be announced as a “Bench Minor Penalty for Delay of Game – Improper Line Change.”  



Rule 84 - Overtime


Shoot-Out Procedures- If the game remains tied at the end of the regular season or exhibition game overtime period, the tie will be broken by a shoot-out conducted as follows:

1.     Ends of Rink- Teams will not change ends:

2.     Home Organization’s Option- The home organization will determine which organization takes the first shot. Team shall alternate shooters.

3.     Goaltender to be used- A team may elect to change goalkeepers any time during the shoot-out without any warm-up period or delay. 

4.     Penalized Player(s)- Any player who has time remaining on a penalty at the conclusion of the overtime period shall not be eligible to participate in the shootout and shall remain in the penalty box during the shootout. 

5.     Shooters- Each team shall be given five shots, unless the outcome is determined earlier in the shootout. After each team has taken five shots, if the score remains tie, the shootout will proceed to a “sudden victory” format. The player who scores the decisive goal shall receive credit for a game winning goal. After each team has taken three shots, each team may use any player (including those who have already made an attempt) as many times as they chose.


Rule 87.1 Time-Outs - all shall remain the same.  Changing to the following:


            A Time-Out may be granted to the defensive team following an icing.  No Line change shall be granted to the defensive team.


 Rule 87.2 Media Time-Out - Each home team shall take (3) thirty second media time-out(s) during the course of each period, regular season or playoffs. Time-outs shall be taken at the first whistle following the 15-minute, 10-minute, & 5-minute mark of each period. All players including goaltenders on the ice at the time of the time-out will be allowed to go their respective benches. Only one time-out, media or team, shall be permitted at any one stoppage. For purposes of this rule, a media time-out is deemed an “official time-out” and not charged to either team. No media timeout shall be taken immediately following the scoring of a goal. Media time-out may take place during shorthanded situations or after an icing.  No team may perform a line change during a media time-out (See Rule 82.4 - Line changes after Media Time-Out).


The FPHL is a Single A Minor Professional hockey league entering its 12th season.