FPHL Enters Its 15th Season

Binghamton, NY - The Federal Prospects Hockey League is proud to announce it will be entering its 15th season of operation. The league will be flying a 15th anniversary logo for this coming season.  

The new season will begin with the record number 14 teams in operation and many more new markets on the horizon.  With the 4 new teams entering next season, the league will be holding its expansion draft in the near future which will be announced soon followed by a release of the full season schedule which is currently going through its finalization process.  

Currently, all organizations are lined up in (temporary) divisions between northern and southern teams. However, these divisions are not yet official and there is still discussions to be had to verify any possible changes to the divisional alignments for next season. These decisions are set by the leagues Board Of Governors (team owners) of the FPHL. When the upcoming schedule is released, we hope to have a complete official alignment of all teams in their perspective divisions. 

The FPHL is one of two Single A minor professional hockey leagues in the United States. The FPHL strives to deliver an entertaining product of high-level hard hitting hockey and help its players and personnel rise up and move on to the ECHL & AHL.

The FPHL is proud to be entering his 15th season professional hockey in North America.