FPHL Makes Clarifications To Statements Regarding Watertown Incident

Syracuse, NY

The office of the Federal Prospects Hockey League would like to make some clarifications on statements made by member organizations regarding the pre game incident that occurred prior to the scheduled game on Wednesday February 3rd between the Watertown Wolves & the Elmira Enforcers at the Watertown Municipal Arena in Watertown, NY.  Shortly following the incident, both organizations that were involved made some false and misleading statements to their local press.    

At no time were building personnel, other players, or league officials in any danger.  The league on ice officiating staff had not yet entered the building.  This was an altercation that appears to have been between a couple of players from opposing teams.  There is currently an investigation into this incident as to what actually occurred as well as the security and covid protocols for that facility.  We can confirm at this time that local police were in fact called and both parties involved talked with officers and chose not to pursue any form of legal action.

Another statement that was made to cancel the game for the safety of the teams, the referees, and everybody involved was also misleading.  The FPHL Director of Officiating was immediately contacted and he expeditiously contacted the FPHL Commissioner, the on ice officials, as well as both team owners to stabilize the situation.  Again, at no point were the officials or anyone else in the building in danger due do this incident.  League officials discussed the situation and spoke with on ice officials and came to the conclusion that the game could go on as scheduled. Both owners were contacted and assured that everyone was safe and that the on ice staff would take additional precautions to ensure the safety of the players.

There was also a reporter who quoted comments citing a referee Pete Mical.  There is no Pete Mical on staff in the FPHL and we are not aware who this person is or who the reporter spoke to.  The Watertown Wolves also confirmed that they do not have a Peter Mical on their staff.  No FPHL officials gave any statements to the press on this matter.  

We can also confirm that the game was not cancelled by the league.  The Elmira Enforcers made the decision not to take the ice.  However we cannot confirm at this time who it was that actually that made that final decision.  This too is another part of the leagues investigation.  

The FPHL League Staff prioritizes the safety of all personnel and strives to operate in a safe and professional manner.  Both the Elmira Enforcers and Watertown Wolves are cooperating with FPHL League Staff and we will release our findings upon completion of the investigation.