Binghamton, NY - The Federal Prospects Hockey League (FPHL) announced today that the Board of Governor's has Approved the an adjustment in the league Divisional line ups.  The Motor City Rockers have been moved to the Empire Division & the Blue Ridge Bobcats have been moved to the Continental Division.

During a scheduled Board of Governors meeting, the switch was discussed to address concern in competition relating to the teams current schedules.   Making the switch would allow both teams a better opportunity to compete for position within their division with the teams that they would then be playing against on a more regular basis.  Both Motor City & Wytheville agreed to the discussion and ultimately met with a vote and approval by the FPHL Board of Governors.

The FPHL is a Single-A Minor Professional hockey league operating in its 14th season during 2023-24.  You can also visit the FPHL at Federal Prospects Hockey League on Facebook.