During this global pandemic, many of us have had some sort of connection to a group or even an individual that has faced this Virus up close and personal.  We have all been spectators in this daily battle to preserve our way of life and overcome the obstacles ahead of us.  In hockey, on ice officials put themselves in the line of fire every time they step on the ice.  But they dodge pucks and players, not an incapacitating virus.  So some of the officials of the FPHL have reached out to thank all of the frontline workers during this COVID-19 pandemic.  

There are many front line workers in the medical field that are currently dealing with COVID-19 patients and see the reality first hand up close and personal. The mask shortage at the beginning of this pandemic made the risk of getting sick much greater because many doctors and nurses have had to reuse the same mask for days while treating COVID-19 patients. And although this pandemic has affected each state differently, all these people have worked tirelessly due to the need for more healthcare staff during this time.  These people knowing put themselves at risk and in harms way to help treat and save others.  

We know that there is many other frontline workers in the same position. Law enforcement, fire fighters, other medical personnel, delivery drivers, grocery store employees, restaurant employees, pharmacists, and the list will go on and on.  We are all extremely grateful for these men and women who go to work everyday and for helping us all get through this difficult time together. 

Thank you to all frontline workers, the FPHL Officiating Staff appreciates all your hard work!