From The FPHL Department of Player Safety

Binghamton, NY – The FPHL Department of Player Safety today have announced the following fines and suspension.

Motor City Rockers Conway, SUSPENDED 
Motor City forward Thomas Delany has been suspended for One Game as a result from his actions during FPHL Game No. 76 in Watertown, NY on Sunday, December 3rd.  FPHL Director of Player Safety Dave Jackson stated, “It is mandatory for the safety of everyone involved, that players stop throwing punches once the officials enter the altercation. Failure to do so will usually earn players at minimum a 10 min misconduct for attempting to continue an altercation. In this case, three officials were needed to end this altercation. The referee had to get physically involved and he ordered Mr. Delaney to stop. A player runs the risk of being suspended from 1-20 games if he hits an official, even if accidental. The referee and one linesman were both the recipients of punches intended for his opponent. This is completely unacceptable and although I don't think that hitting an official was his intent, Mr. Delaney must still be responsible for his actions. Mr. Delaney will be suspended for ONE (1) GAME."

The FPHL is a Single-A Minor Professional hockey league operating in its 14th season during 2023-24.