Binghamton, NY - The Federal Prospects Hockey League has announced Referee Chris Roe has been named the recipient of the 2023-24 Jim Hebermehl Memorial Award.

This award honors an on-ice official for exhibiting the best conduct and sportsmanship throughout the season.  It is in Honor of Jim Hebermehl, an off-ice official who displayed a level of sportsmanship, kindness, and compassion to all he encountered.  Jim passed away Friday January 4th, 2019.


After receiving the news Roe stated, “This was really unexpected.  For me this is all about the camaraderie I have with my fellow officials and the players on the ice.  Its been something to keep me involved at a higher level in sports.  To win something like this is just a cherry on top of what I get to do out there.  So thanks to everyone that makes this fun and exciting for me and to Paul & the Supervisors for keeping on me and allow me to continue to do this.  Whats not to love about being a part of this!"

Chris is very unique to the league.  He’s a former football player turned hockey official.  When asked about his transition to hockey Chris said, "I was signed by the Minnesota Vikings as a free agent for the 1995-1996 season. My passion and love for officiating developed after my football career ended. Officiating was a fantastic way to stay in shape, and over the years, I have met many wonderful officials and players who are now my friends. I have been officiating for 21 years, including ten years with the FED, and I still get excited on game days. Arriving early at the arena, watching the players warm up, and seeing the fans start to arrive always builds up my excitement and anticipation for the game to start.”  Chris started in the league as linesman where his size, strength and presence earned him fast respect from the players.  Just a few years ago, Chris made the transition to the referee core. 

FPHL Director of Officiating Paul Jene stated, “Chris is just one of those guys you're always happy to see when he walks through the door. And he’s a big dude. You can’t miss him.  When he was a liney he could stop a fight without his partner and the players would almost always stop went he got in there.  He has always been a bit of a jokester to the players and his fellow officials as well.  You never know what your going to hear at any given moment.  You just want to make sure you thoroughly think about your answers when he asks you a question.  And if he's grinning when he asks you something, really think before you speak. He always makes it fun and interesting for everyone.”  Jene further went on to add “With all that aside, I’m really happy for Chris to be recognized.  Its great to see one of our league veterans making a difference.  Well deserved!"

Chris’s past work has also included the USHL, NAHL & the IHL.

The FPHL congratulates Chris Roe outstanding on ice work ethics as well as all the hard work the entire on ice officiating staff put into this season.

The FPHL is a Single A Minor Professional hockey league and will be entering its 15th season in the fall of 2024.